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Great Travel Insurance

Is Travel Insurance Really Important?


When travelling abroad, it is important to acquire travel insurance cover. This kind of cover offers an effective way to safeguard the traveler against emergency medical evacuations, trip cancellations, accidental deaths, trip interruptions, and loss, damage or theft of personal effects and baggage. Even so, there are very many travelers who waste a lot of money purchasing the wrong cover or policy. It is important to be careful when buying travel insurance if you wish to get the one that suits your needs.



In most cases, there are various insurance plan types that are just bundled together and disguised as comprehensive best travel insurance cover; review them carefully and only purchase what you need. Do a comparison among all the available travel insurance policies and travel insurance providers and only pick what best suits your needs.


Carefully go through the policy and find out what exactly is covered and compare this with whatever cover you may already have. Do not buy any other cover if your current insurance cover already safeguards you from the same risk. For example, it is possible that your automobile insurance can cover you in a car rental used by you. There are also instances where your credit cover can provide cover in case you have to cancel or change a flight or even when you rent a car. In such a case, you do not need a travel cover to cover you against the same risks again.


You can also choose to buy excess coverage through a number of available cheap travel insurance Singapore plans. In case you have any other primary cover that can be applied against the loss first, then the travel insurance plan will cover you against whatever is not covered by the primary cover. There are very few travel insurance policies who provide primary insurance cover. This is crucial especially, where your primary cover has very high deductibles or is insufficient. It is also important to realize that it costs less acquiring excess premium coverage as it costs acquiring coverage for primary premium.


When acquiring a travel insurance cover, review the policy very carefully to ascertain the exclusions. You should be sure of what your travel insurance really covers because a lot of travel insurance policies hold several exclusions that many travelers are usually unaware of until such a time when they try to use their coverage. Thus, it is important to actually purchase plans that cover specific risks and not a blanket 'comprehensive' cover. For more details about insurance, visit